Jessica May
Director, PillowMay Chartered Accountants

Paul works in a very thorough, quiet, efficient manner to get great results.

I was happy to send Paul out to meet my clients and ask them some searching questions about our customer service. The feed back from customers was that they enjoyed the interviews and the results of Paul’s interviews (his report) are excellent, proving he is a great listener.

The report is becoming my “bible” to refer back to when I want to check any new plans for the business will still meet the needs of our customers. It is enabling us to focus on the important areas of development for the practice, as identified by our customers.

An excellent by-product of Paul’s work was the production of great testimonials for our new website!

Paul also works directly with my clients. The strategic report that he produced for one company has made our work in determining Key Performance Indicators and a management reporting pack so much easier, effective and relevant.


As a result of Paul’s work, we have completed a rebrand of Pillow May Ltd to “Pillow May the pink way” where “Pink” determines our core values and mission statement as “we offer a Personal service whilst Inspiring and Nurturing businesses and offering Kinship to all our clients and suppliers.”

We have implemented an improved IT infrastructure so that clients can deliver electronic documents securely to us and electronically sign them as necessary, saving time and postage for both parties.

We have restructured Pillow May Ltd and taken on support staff in the areas that our clients were happy to lose direct contact with Jessica Pillow, which has freed up Jessica to offer more of her highly valued financial and tax advice.

Paul’s work has allowed Jessica to move Pillow May Ltd up a step in its development with projected turnover expected to increase by 40% this year – 50% of which is derived from increased sales to existing customers.

Dieter Lloyd
Director, Pam Lloyd PR

"Working with Paul has helped clarify what our objectives are, what our strategy is in the short to medium term and has had a material effect on how we view our business. Paul's objectivity and readiness to ask some tough questions have made Pam and I reappraise what our business is about and what its potential may be. We are continuing to work with Paul over the rest of this year (2011) and into 2012 which gives a measure of our confidence in what he brings to our business."

Jennie Bashforth
Director, Tart café and foodstore

"Our café and foodstore opened in the recession in September 2008 and they were stressful times. However we were pretty much a success from day one and our business continued to thrive over the following two years. Whilst we were relieved and proud of our achievement we were also very aware that if our success was to continue we had to develop and grow our business because no business should or can stand still.

"That is when we started to work with Paul, who in a structured and inspiring way helped us to reflect on and review all aspects of our business. In this way we got a better understanding about what was working well and what we needed to build on. But perhaps even more importantly Paul enabled us to see what was not working so well, which when you are on the inside caught up in the day to day operations of the business you sometimes cannot see at all.

"Paul gave us an objective eye, the challenge and the support that we needed to grow our business, which continues to thrive. It is a pleasure to work with Paul and I would highly recommend the contribution he can make to any business because he has certainly been a great asset to ours."

Gillian Nowland
CEO, One25

"Thank you for facilitating the business development programme with the senior staff team at One25. This programme has helped the team to self-assess their performance against the business model you provided. It has helped the team to understand strengths and potential gaps in relation to One25’s vision, mission and values. The discussions you facilitated provoked honest and open dialogue between the staff members present. The business development plan that resulted from the away day is helping us to focus on what is important, feeding into our wider strategy and objectives. The away day provided the senior staff with valuable time out in a structured and well facilitated environment. Many thanks for an excellent programme. "

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