About my method

My main aim is to help small and medium sized businesses to gain a thorough understanding of the ‘what and why’ of their current performance and to plan some effective improvement action that will strengthen their business and improve results. Big businesses routinely do this and I am committed to bringing this specialist service to smaller businesses at a cost they can afford.

Key features of my basic service are:
• Design a bespoke Business Development Programme
• Understand how each business works and the key issues or challenges.
• Use a self assessment questionnaire for the ‘top team’ based on a European business model
• Analyse and present strengths and weaknesses to a ‘top team’ workshop.
• Identify and plan improvement actions
• Prepare a final Business Development Report and Action Plan

Where a business wants some further help, I can provide implementation support or progress reviews.

About me

I have a wealth of experience in improving the performance of businesses gained through a professional career in management

Case studies

Read outlines of some examples of how I have helped clients improve their businesses


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